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The Singing Office


Yes, absoultely! You and your office colleagues, conference and class mates can sing together, and feel the power of connection that emerges when we sing. It doesn't matter whether you think you're a good singer or not. We all have a voice. We all have something to say. When we say it together, we become empowered. We witness each other, we become present with each other, and we collectively create an enabling environment to work with one another, in all our diversity, to enrich the lives of people and the world in which we live.



A long day working on an important project, where we meet a deadline and feel so empowered.


That celebratory feeling we've all had having done a successful project for a client who's extremely happy.


That moment in the week when we've worked so hard we just need a moment, or breath to absorb and re-ignite our energy.


Going to gym, going for a run, playing team sports or doing some kind of physical fitness all can help you get there.





Mindset of Collaboration


Is your office working in silos?


Are you spending so much time on email with each other that we don't feel as connected?


Do you wonder how you fit into the larger picture?


Are you craving a mindset of collaboration for your team?


Have you ever considered how music can help bridge and connect your office in a profound human way?





Here's How









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