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Listen: Canadian Ismaili Muslim Youth Choir


This recording features the Canadian Ismaili Muslim Youth Choir—16 young singers aged 15 - 27 from across Canada. Primarily a cappella, our voices are the instruments we use to express traditions and cultures in a new way. The style reminds us of singing in our prayer hall congregations where hundreds of people sing together with one voice. In our CD you won’t find any other musical instruments except the occasional drum, percussion or beat-boxing. When we sing in harmony, we feel the spirit of unity even though we are all singing something different. We are inspired by the idea that making and sharing art together can transcend barriers of geography, culture and religion.


We choose songs from places where Ismailis live or have lived, and songs from places where the Aga Khan Development Network and Imamat Institutions do their work. In the spirit of pluralism, we bring together Muslim and Western traditions, reflecting who we are as Canadians. You might hear a flower blooming for the first time, the yearning of the soul for unification with Allah, or even a mother singing to her young child. This recording was an opportunity for us to come together through our passion for singing and collective intention to share a spark of hope. Each of these pieces touches our hearts, minds and spirits. We hope they do the same for you.


CD Liner Notes:

Graphic Design by Sherazad Jamal (Freelion Productions)



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