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Corporate, Community & Educational Experiences

We will collaborate with you to customize a program to suit your mandate and community needs. Customized programs are fully scalable as 15 minute, 30 minute, 60 minute, 90 minute, half-day, full day, weekend or week long engagements. The descriptions below are but a sample. Other activites include rhythmic collaboration, and improvisation, which we are happy to discuss with you to fit your needs. 

  • Introduction: Personal story

  • Group Singing: Interactive choral singing of four-part intercultural chant

  • Reflection: Collective reflection

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All of the Above Plus:

  • Warm Ups: Musical activities designed to focus the gathering.

  • Group Singing: Interactive group singing of new musical material taught by ear

  • Collaboration: Small group collaboration to compose a musical arrangement.

  • Making Connections: Between music making & responding to diversity


All of the Above Plus:

  • Why Choral Music: Interactive group singing & activity to demonstrate the connection between choral music & shared human values.

  • Inspiration for Composing: Case study: Ismaili Muslim Youth Choir; Interactive choral zikr (remembrance chant) Audio-Visual demonstration of other cultural choral pieces.

  • Intercultural Dialogue: Discussion & Demonstration | Gatherings | Commissioned by Westcoast Sacred Arts for Tribute concert for His Holiness Dalai Lama | Composed by H. Janmohamed and Russell Wallace

  • Music as an expression of life: Discussion & Demonstration | Mombasa Matatu Meditation | Commissioned by The Esoterics, Eric Banks Conductor | Composed by H. Janmohamed

  • Contemporary composition Inspired by faith sources: Demonstration: Nur: Reflections on Light | Commissioned by Aga Khan Museum for the Ismaili Centre Toronto opening | Composed by H. Janmohamed

  • Concluding remarks, Q & A, Reflection/Assessment

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  • Ice-Breaker: Music Sharing & Critical Listening

  • Large Group Singing: Learning to sing in harmony & multiple parts; intercultural chant

  • Small Group Activities: Collaborative music creation (interspersed throughout retreat)

  • Thematic Inquiry: Customized to meet needs of participants

  • Personal Story: Hussein story; Participants invited to share stories

  • Musical Inspiration: Audio-visual demonstration of musical fusions (customized); Discussion & critical analysis

  • Artist Lecture & Demonstration: Artistic process, inspiration, techniques

  • Vocal & Choral Techniques: Posture, breath, sound production, phrasing, musicality, listening, unified singing

  • Making Connections: Between thematic inquiry and musical ideas

  • Dress' Rehearsals: Peer to peer teaching & learning

  • Presentations: Peer to peer

  • Evaluation: Debrief/Assessment; Individual & Collective Reflection

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