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The Elmer Iseler Singers and Guest Ismaili Singers at the Ismaili Centre Toronto

The Elmer Iseler Singers with guest Ismaili singers (Saba Rawjani, Aleeza Ladhani, Nafeesa Karim, Mehnaz Thawer and Zulfikar Nathoo) and I were taking group selfies when we were waiting to be called to begin singing for the opening of the Ismaili Centre Toronto. It was a beautiful sight to see such open hearts, generous spirits and joy as professional singers mingled with community singers (many of whom had extensive choral music experience in their own right). The youngest Ismaili singer was 17 years old. Actually two of our youngest were 17. The best part was that while we were waiting back stage, Fumihiko Maki (architect of the Aga Khan Museum) and his team walked through to see the prayer hall. We were all so giddy! What a privilege to have met him. Lydia asked one of his handlers, with such grace and ease, if we could say a quick hello. Lo and behold we were there for another minute or two together sharing our thoughts. We got some photos and of course went back to our selfies! What a fun day!

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