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Toronto - Big City, Small World

"The world is so small, it's not even a world," uttered with such grace by Tanya Evanson who had just performed a Solstice poetry jam with Sheniz Janmohamed and other artists at the Aga Khan Museum.

We were talking about how Toronto is so big, yet somehow feels so small. There's an interesting that seems to happen because of the subway set up. People tend to cross paths more often than not, even if they live in disparate areas of the city. There have been moments where I've met the same person on several occasions in the most random places.

It's been really fun to be experiencing Toronto as a visitor, a nomad of sorts. I've met a ton of people and discovered that even in such a big city, the music community is very small. Through a few degrees of separation I think every professional choral singer knows one another.

I've also found a spirit of generosity and open mindeness here in Toronto. I would have compared it to Vancouver but today I saw a post on face book that read something like, "The grass is not greener somewhere else, the grass is greener where you water it." What has emerged is the knowledge that we make the city what it is. Home and 'green pastures' are where we nurture them. It takes care and total authenticity to engage the world in a way that helps us feel the most truest sense of our selves. Vancouver is no different than Toronto. Toronto is just away from the Vancouver routine.

Being here gives me new insight showing me what it takes to nurture the world in which we want to live and can thrive. Trying new restaurants, chatting with strangers at a coffee shop, sharing carrot cake with restaurant guests at a table next to you, always having a quarter for the 'spare changers,' and having access to transit are all part of the journey. Chai chats with friends, be they short visits or longer sojourns along with dedication to follow up with friends all help to nurture a spirit of growth and liberation. Not worrying about others and what they can or cannot do. Focus on what YOU can do. Smile and let things pass that need not worry you.

It starts with you though. It starts with you. When you feel nurtured and empowered you naturally enable others to do the same. We are all equal. We all have something to share and learn from one another. We must be the best version of ourselves, know what we need to feel joyous and light so that we can see moments of difficulty with clarity and ease. Nothing is insurmountable when we are living our truest selves. We become honest, loving, compassionate because we feel whole. We are all totally and fully whole. Sometimes we just have to uncover the excess to reveal it.

Stay tuned for more insights and musical adventures!

Have a fabulous day!

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