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Hussein is motivated by the ethics of Islam, which bridge din and dunya, spiritual and material in daily life. In a materially driven secular society the spiritual dimension acts as a reminder of our status as equals and compels us to care for self, others and the environment. Performing and creating music together becomes a way to realize our common humanity and work together towards enabling all peoples to contribute their wisdom and knowledge for the increased quality of life of societies in which they live.


Singing in youth choirs taught Hussein about mindsets of openness, care and collaboration, ways to live with others that resonated with teachings of his faith. Whether through formal choirs or informal ceremonial and social singing choral music became a medium through which plural identities could co-exist and negative energy from racism could transform into positive expressions held in beauty.

As a composer Hussein expands the choral art into a sound medium with which to creatively shape and be shaped in response to the world. He uses traditional and contemporary compositional techniques infused with nfluences from his eclectic sound world. Layered voices, texture and narrative plays an important role in his music in which Hussein highlights the sonic possibilities for positive encounters amongst peoples, with spaces and the environment.


Hussein's public workshops help audiences with any level of prior musical knowledge to sing in harmony, work together and discover their creative potential. Hussein's work with school and community choirs can also include work on the singing voice, choral techniques and ways to use choral music as a collaborative art medium to express ideas.


Hussein is dedicated to the choral arts and committed to teach choral music so that people of all backgrounds can enjoy the benefits of creating and singing choral music of the highest level, to engage the spirit, connect with others and meaningfully contribute their collective strengths and diversities to enrich society.​

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