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Hussein Janmohamed is a dynamic facilitator and speaker tapping into the power of singing together to build teams, connect with one another, transform paradigms, and have fun. For the last 20 years Hussein has extended his artistic work in to workshops for corporate, community and school groups to collaborate in music regardless of their music background. His vibrant programs encompass a diverse range of topics through singing, colloabrative compostion and rhythm. No previous music experience is necessary.


All speaking engagements and programs are designed to integrate meaningfully with your groups goals on:


  • Breaking down barriers

  • Responding to diversity

  • Building bridges & Peace Making

  • Transcultural & interfaith dialogue

  • Greater sense of belonging

  • Inclusivity mindset

  • Foundations of shared human values

  • Improved Communication & Cooperation


Levels of Engagement:



We will collaborate with you to customize a program to suit your mandate and community needs. Customized programs are fully scalable as 15 minute, 30 minute, 60 minute, 90 minute, half-day, full day, weekend or week long engagements.


"After Saturday’s experience, I wanted to incorporate this story into an examination of conflict within music, and how music can be used to bridge cultural chasms. The choir exercise led by Hussein on Saturday was a perception-altering event for all of us, and it needs to be repeated, elsewhere, and many times." - Testimonial

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