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The Afterglow

Bismillah-ir Rahman-ir Rahim

This morning has been a morning of fullness and revelation. Thanks be to God. The sun this morning at Scarborough Bluffs was glorious, now moving towards the back of Fool's Paradise leaving its bright afterglow on the snow.

I woke up groggy, thinking that I'll go back to sleep. Lo and behold, the sun in its bright mercy beckoned me. I rested in a beautiful chair of the main living room in front of the floor to ceiling picture window. Taking in the sun, the warmth, the rays, the sound of silence. I moved to the chapter room, the study where Doris McCarthy would reflect and write. There again in what I call the meditative chair, I sat in contemplation.

I couldn't hold back. The beauty outside compelled me to embrace it and go beyond the comfort of my warm, safe world. It was like something inside me was fuelling me. There was no space between the thought and the action. Immediately I threw on my jeans over my pyjamas, wrapped myself with scarf, put on my thickest pair of socks, and went outside.

I could spend the next hours describing the feeling. The slight breeze. The warmth of the sunshine. The glistening icicles. The mutued yet vivid colors of the white snow, the sandy brown branches of the trees, the shadows in the deep footprints in the snow, the blue grey water and blue sky. The cuckoo bird, and all the different bird calls reflecting back the divine, bringing me closer to He who is above all else.

After a collection of selfies and nature shots I went back only to find I had locked myself out of the house. This is the 2nd time in 2 days! What is the message? What happens? Why? Did Doris McCarthy's spirit guide me to forget? Did God purposefully make me forget. I took more selfies and praised God for this opportunity to be one with nature. I walked up the big hill on Meadowcliffe Drive headed to the bus to meet Jitka (the caretaker) at her work place. She asked me to wait at the local Tim Horton's where she would pick me up within the hour and let me into the home.

On our arrival, a scene like I'd never seen before. A herd of deer enjoying their afternoon in the back of Fool's Paradise. Jitka immediately was inspired to offer them more deer feed, which she does every morning. She walked slowly towards the feeder and beyond as the deer watched carefully. She layed down the food, sprinkled it in various locations so the Alpha deer wouldn't eat it all, and stood silently. The three deer nearby started to come forward. It was like they sent a signal to the other 4 or 5 deer who magically all ran, and in a collective march came towards Jitka - not with fear but with love and gratitude.

We must have spent 20 minutes. Standing. Watching. Engaging like a drama in front of us. The movements and interactions of the deer like a physical improv theatre piece being developed in front of our eyes. The blocking was perfection. The staging and the pacing captivating. The beauty of the interactions, the sonic layers of birds, nature, wind, trees, grasses shifting in the wind...even the sounds of ambulance and the din of traffic contributed to a moment of serenity and utmost beauty. What can we say, but thanks be to God.

These moments are those that bring us closer to knowing you. For this we are eternally grateful.

May every moment we witness, may every moment we participate in, may we be spectators of such divine grace everywhere we turn. And may we be players in this collaboration with open minds, playfulness, grace, and deep listening with each other. The feeling of uplift, and spiritual peace fills all possibility with it's mercy and compassion.

May it be so....

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